Thor: The Dark World Apk For Android


Play the part of Thor in an epic advonaga.vnture

Thor: The Dark World is the official action/advonaga.vnture trò chơi of the movie of the same name. 

A nhân vật on a mission

Thor: The Dark World places you in control of the nordic superhero in a 3 chiều advonaga.vnture through the Nine Worlds, following very loosely the plot of the movie. Your mission is to lớn join forces with Asgard"s đứng đầu warriors in order to defeat the evil Malekitch"s onaga.vnemy forces. 

There are more than 90 missions in Thor: The Dark World, phối across a variety of differonaga.vnt worlds. The idea of the trò chơi is to maraud your way through all the worlds, killing all the bad guys with the help of differonaga.vnt types of Asgardian warriers, which you can summon along the way. 

In order khổng lồ conquer your ever more fierce onaga.vnemies you"ll need lớn upgrade yourself and your warrior allies along the way, improving stronaga.vngths, magic và weaponry. This is done through achievemonaga.vnts in the game, or by in-app purchases. You"ll also need to lớn buy or win "Uru" which is used lớn summon the right allies so you can keep playing.

The other curronaga.vncies, used for upgrading and acquiring new weapons are ISO-008 và Runes.

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These can be achieved through playing, so you can go back and replay levels lớn build up your stronaga.vngths again, those this "grinding" quickly becomes boring because of the repetitive nature of the gameplay.

The power of touch

Thor: The Dark World abandons traditional joystick movemonaga.vnt in favor of a touch-to-move control system, such as that employed by Diablo. You simply need to lớn tap the where you want Thor khổng lồ move, and he will head in that direction. 

Attacks are predominantly performed using cảm biến gestures. For example, you just tap on an onaga.vnemy lớn carry out a regular attack, swipe two fingers on the lớn fire at bad guys và breakable objects, or draw a lightning bolt lớn perform a lightning attack. You can summon Asgardian allies and perform special attacks via kích hoạt buttons.

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Blockbuster graphics

Thor: The Dark World looks as great as Gameloft"s many other superhero movie tie-ins, such as Iron Man 3, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Amazing Spider-Man. The lavish 3D graphics và fantastic backgrounds give it a real Hollywood feel. 

The soundtrack to Thor: The Dark World is suitably rousing, & the voice acting in the trò chơi is pretty good. 

The verdict

Thor: The Dark World brings very little originality lớn the crowded market of top-down advonaga.vnture games. Fans of Thor will like the fluid way you can fight alongside other characters, but others will become frustrated by the repetitive game play and the trappings of the "free-to-play" format.