Marvel Future Revolution, developed by Netmarble, is the next big superanh hùng điện thoại game


The next big Marvel Smartphone game is new territory for the superanh hùng brand – & smartphone gaming in general. Marvel Future Revolution is an open-world action RPG with modes supporting 50-player simultaneous combat, expanding the form size and scale of on-the-go gaming with some of the most well-known properties out there.

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sản phẩm điện thoại gaming megastudio Netmarble Games is following up its six-year-old previous hit, Marvel: Future Fight, with the upcoming Marvel Future Revolution. While the new game doesn’t have sầu a release date yet, pre-registration is open now, with a global launch planned on iOS & Android.

How will the new game differ from the old? It’s all about scale: players will be able to lớn load in & roam around five new worlds with other players controlling a lineup of Marvel’s top heroes. From there, they’ll be able lớn dive into various multiplayer modes fighting computer-controlled enemies, teams of other heroes, & dive sầu inkhổng lồ a 50-player free-for-all.

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And all mix in the Marvel Universe, loaded with nearly a century of superanh hùng comic continuity lớn base on. got an early look at Marvel Future Revolution, and while there’s a lot we still don’t know about how the game plays & progresses, what we’ve seen in teaser footage is plenty exciting. With good graphics & persistent open world action, Future Revolution could be one of the first big open-world Smartphone RPG games – and certainly the first to star superheroes.

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Open-world superheroes

Marvel Future Revolution’s big advancement is its open world thiết kế. Players will be able to roam large areas alongside many other players, fight enemies, follow the game’s story, & play side missions, all without the action stopping in the main area.

In addition khổng lồ story content in the overworld, players can take their heroes in four-player player-versus-environment (PvE) matches called Blitz/Raids against big villains like Thanos, Ultron, Loki, & Kingpin. Other modes pit players against players (PvP), like Omega War with teams of five-versus-five matches – or the Dark Zone, a real-time massive sầu free-for-all with players trying to lớn take down colossal bosses (và each other).

With writing by Marvel writer Marc Sumerak, who wrote for Marvel Future Fight & the Nintenvì chưng Switch game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3, Marvel Future Revolution’s plot premise seems like it may live up khổng lồ the comics it’s based on: a catastrophe causes earths from different realities khổng lồ clash, and thanks to a hero’s sacrifice, the worlds collapse into lớn one prime earth.

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Developers have announced eight playable heroes so far, including Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Blaông chồng Widow, Doctor Strange, and Storm, but given its predecessor Future Fight has a roster of over 200 characters, more could be coming when Future Revolution launches.

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From that come the inventive sầu areas playable in Future Revolution: the gleaming New Stark City, the Hydra Empire overrunning America, the desert gladiator lands of Sakaar, the Asgardian-settled Midgardia, & Xandearth resettled by the Nova Corps after Thanos devastated the original Xandar.

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(Image credit: Marvel / Netmarble)Hydra Empire
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(Image credit: Marvel / Netmarble)New Stark City
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(Image credit: Marvel / Netmarble)Xandearth
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(Image credit: Marvel / Netmarble)Midgardia
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(Image credit: Marvel / Netmarble)Omega Flight in New Stark City

Fans of the MCU films will rethành viên the latter plot point from Avengers: Infinity War, & there’s a lot that’s been inherited from the movies. Players will be able khổng lồ control heroes from the MCU (as well as kit them in costumes from the films).

Given the premise of multiple realities, of course, there are plenty of costume parts from other settings players will be able lớn choose, including decades of comics continuity, TV shows, và the new settings in Future Revolution itself. Per the game’s developers, players will have sầu 400 million combinations of different costume parts from which to assemble their favorite outfits.

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Future Revolution for old fans & new

Marvel has a long, long history. While Future Revolution’s heroes, plot points, & costume parts will pay homage khổng lồ well-known comics plotlines & touch on aspects from the MCU films for fans of all interest levels – including folks whose first experience with the heroes is with the game itself.

“Srã Lee once said that every Marvel comic could be someone’s first comic, so we want lớn be very accessible,” said Bill Rosemann, VPhường. & Head of Creative for Marvel Games. “We want to create a world & characters that may be familiar lớn you if you watch Marvel movies, but then again, if you’re a really long-time reader, we want to reward you as well.”

We don’t have many details about what those rewards will be – Marvel và Netmarble are tight-lipped about plot details và which other heroes will round out the roster when the game launches. Both have promised more content will be released at regular intervals to keep players engaged, but likewise didn’t hint at what’s in store.

“This project is a result of fanboys living their dreams and trying lớn be a half-step ahead of everyone else,” said Joe Lee, Executive Producer of Netmarble.

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The expectations are high, but so is the potential for a game that stretches what mobile gaming can do.

“So we hope that both casual gamers and also hardcore gamers. That’s what we are aiming for,” said Simon Slặng, President of Netmarble US (who is a huge Iron Man người, by the way). “We put a lot of efforts lớn meet fans’ expectations.”