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PUBG di động VNon PC

PUBG mobile VN, coming from the developer VNG trò chơi Publishing, is running on game android systerm in the past.

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Now, You can play PUBG Mobile đất nước hình chữ s on PC with smoothly.

Download it in the library or tìm kiếm results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

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Just enjoy PUBG Mobile việt nam PC on the large screen for free!

PUBG mobile VNIntroduction

★ GENERAL ★The original và the first Battle Royale game! Battle Royale trò chơi played by more than 1 billion players worldwide.PUBG di động - PLAYERUNKNOWN"S BATTLEGROUNDS thiết bị di động is a worldwide favorite survival shooter game, developed by Tencent và BlueHole và officially released in Vietnam, only by VNG. ★ GAMEPLAY★ When participating in the game you và 99 other players parachute onto an abandoned island lớn participate in the battle for survival. The play zone will decrease gradually, players must run into it to lớn survive. Collect guns & equipment, fight against other players & use every strategy lớn be able khổng lồ survive to lớn the end. ★ FEATURE ★ 1. HD standard graphics & sound The game uses Unreal Engine 4 giải pháp công nghệ to bring the most realistic graphics experience, the most vivid sound. Players will play the role of a survival character in the game, feeling like an authentic cinematic kích hoạt movie 2. Enrich your passion about Weapons Guns are the endless inspiration in the game, besides there are extremely special weapons accompanying the PUBG brand such as the T-shirt "Divine Pan", "Mũ 3", "Giáp 3" ... For players lớn play. They combine the best tactics & create troll stories that never end. 3. Riding bike to loot Air-Drop Satisfy your passion for looting air-drop, ride a chất lượng vehicle - these are experiences not to lớn be missed when playing a survival shooter.4.

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Playing with friends You have the opportunity khổng lồ get lớn know friends all over the world with the voice chat feature in PUBG smartphone VN, và at the same time you always have the feeling of being shared, listened to & supported. 5. Rank và matchmaking Survival is not enough; it must be immortality. The rich mission và ranking system in PUBG Mobile nước ta helps you constantly certify any of your skills. 6. Costumes The exterior in the PUBGM survival shooter genre is designed as sophisticatedly as real. You can create your own face và choose for yourself meticulously designed, elaborate costumes, defaulting khổng lồ high-class suits. 7. Only 600MBReduce application kích thước to only 600 MB. Không lấy phí to optionally tải về and delete game add-ons as needed. Optimize capacity according to lớn each model, bring the best experience for you.This is not a game, this is PUBG điện thoại VN!★ CONFIGURATION REQUIRED ★* Players need to lớn have a strong internet connection. * Recommended configuration for the best experience: android 5.1.1 or later và at least 2GB of RAM.★ ACCESS TERM REQUIRED ★In order for players to have a smooth experience, the game needs the following permissions: Memory (READ/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): used khổng lồ access game files & perform trò chơi features (match capture & share with friends). We only use the above rights for the purpose of the game, & do not save any player"s personal information!