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You don’t need to lớn have the best gaming cài đặt to know a good game when you see one– and for many, a beloved role-playing game continues khổng lồ enchant 10 years later.

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A decade after release, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remains enormously popular, with an estimated total player count of over 18.2 million for its lifespan, and at least 120,000 players who have earned a trophy in recent months for PlayStation alone.

Then what I find even more impressive, is that many are just now starting lớn play Skyrim in 2021, và renewed interest is continually stirred with an active modding community.

One of the most recent updates? A comprehensive mod that allows players to import their own distinct characters into the game for a more customized experience.

The mod, reported by Screenrant, also offers intuitive editing tools that allow players to make changes to lớn NPCs and in-game items. As someone who greatly appreciates customization in my own gameplay, I can see why this hack alone may give even more life khổng lồ a still-thriving community.

Called Project Proteus, the mod essentially expands on some already existing features but streamlines them, for more seamless customization not only of characters, but also elements like spells and weather. While it’s only available for PC gamers, for now, it’s creating a stir nonetheless.

But for players interested in Skyrim, the first decision isn’t about the best mods khổng lồ download, or what quests to lớn embark on. Players new lớn the franchise will have to lớn choose whether to invest in the Skyrim Legendary Edition vs Special Edition.

In this article, I’ll make that choice simple by telling you the differences between Skyrim Legendary Edition vs Special Edition and well as regular Skyrim, & give my recommendations for which version of this iconic game is worth buying.

Main Differences Between Skyrim Legendary Edition vs Special Edition

The Main Differences Between Skyrim Legendary Edition vs Special Edition are:

Skyrim Legendary Edition is built on the original 32 bit version & fully gian lận compatible, whereas Special Edition is on the 64 bit version which can break some hack compatabilitySkyrim Legendary Edition also offers Nintendo Switch và PlayStation VR options, whereas Special Edition is only available for PC, Windows, Xbox One, và PlayStation 4.Skyrim Legendary Edition includes both improved graphics và new combat additions, whereas Special Edition is a basic remaster.Skyrim Legendary Edition can mostly be bought on GameStop and through third part sellers, whereas Special Edition is widely available on platforms lượt thích Steam.

What is Skyrim?


Let’s start with the basics. If you’re reading this article, I assume you least have an inkling about what Skyrim is–or maybe you’ve come across other gamers playing, or even talking about it. You may wonder why Skyrim is so popular– and if it’ll even suit your game play style.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which was released in 2011, is the newest in the Elder Scrolls series, with the also popular predecessor, Oblivion. For the purpose of this article, I am discussing the 2011 version, but will be, as many gamers do, referring to lớn it as Skyrim for shorthand.

Skyrim is an open-world role-playing game, with action and adventure elements. The chơi game includes xuất hiện ended quests, but also chơi game set against the backdrop of an established setting và rich plot.

Does Skyrim have a storyline?

Skyrim takes place around two centuries after Oblivion, in a fictional empire undergoing a civil war. Players play the role of a character called Dragonborn. As the name suggests, the character is connected lớn dragons–he has the abilities related khổng lồ dragons but is considered a “mortal”.

Skyrim also has a bit of its own mythology: a dragon, Alduin, created by one of the gods, has been predicted to eliminate all of mankind. The main plotline starts you off in prison, awaiting execution– but this is disrupted by Alduin. From there, things unravel as you explore an immersive open-world, tackle quests, and meet both allies and foes.

The trò chơi also offers DLC expansions that allow you to get involved in new quests involving vampires, unravel more mysteries about the Daedric gods và you can also nab another one of the DLC expansions which allows you lớn build your own house. Then it’s worth mentioning that with the help of the creation club content, you can enhance the story and overall gaming experience however you like. 

How many hours of chơi game are there in Skyrim?

Some estimate that an experienced player can complete the main plotline is about 30 hours of fairly aggressive gameplay. This, of course, only refers to the main quest.

The great thing about Skyrim is that technically it never ends. The game developers have created what is termed a Radiant Story system. This system essentially adapts lớn your choices & side quests và allows infinite ways to lớn play. Some estimate that total gameplay can exceed over 230 hours, but there is no real way lớn quantify it.

Complementing this system, Skyrim does not dictate exactly how you play, perhaps appealing to some that prefer creative or sandbox games.

You can explore, make allies or enemies, collect, & take on small & side quests as you want. That, along with an mở cửa world of diverse and expansive terrain, allows for Skryim to lớn have an infinite amount of gameplay, or, at very least, a high replay value.

How many DLCS are there for Skyrim?

Another reason Skyrim has an excellent replay value is its expansions. Currently, there are three DLC options for Skyrim: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. All three were released between 2021-2013, so it is unlikely at this point that there will be additional DLC this time. These địa chỉ ons offer new quests, weapons, và even land and homes.

It’s these DLCs that can not only further expand your gaming experience but also play a large role in your decision whether to lớn buy Skyrim Legendary Edition vs Skyrim Special Edition. You see, Skyrim Special edition owners will get all of this content included as standard. Whereas with the Legendary edition và indeed, the original version, the player will have khổng lồ purchase this content separately to lớn experience all there is to lớn offer from this Elder Scrolls game. 



Dawnguard, the first DLC introduced for Skyrim, brings an additional storyline, quests, characters, creatures, spells, items, & explorable regions. The plot centers around a vampire lord named Harkon, whose sole mission is to use the Elder Scrolls to kết thúc the sun’s reign. Your character can either join the force of vampires or the Dawnguard, a group of vampire hunters.

Along with the main plotline, Dawnguard comes with 12 side quests, more than 80 additional characters, 23 new explorable regions (two large regions), a new dragon, frost giant, & chaurus hunter.

Magic spells also include two fully developed skills–lycanthropy và vampire lord– with their own advanced skill tree. The expansion also gives you 19 new weapons (including crossbows và the Dragonborn weapons set), 5 alchemy items, và 5 new sets of armor.


Hearthfire is the DLC that stands out most lớn me for Skyrim– not so much that it is the best DLC, but that it’s different from Dawnguard và Dragonborn in notable ways. Rather than following a central plot line và side quests, this DLC allows you to địa chỉ more everyday customization khổng lồ your world.

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The main feature of Hearthfire is the ability to lớn build a home from scratch. You can build everything from a modest single room trang chủ to stables, gardens, và laboratories. All homesteads can be built on one of three main locations, situated in snow-covered tundra, salt marshes, & forests.

Furniture and sets come with this DLC add-on, as well as servants like stewards, carriage drivers, and birds. You also can choose to marry and adopt children. Finally, Hearthfire also includes new characters and 5 new achievements.


Dragonborn, the final DLC released for Skyrim, takes on another main plotline và is quest-based, lượt thích Dawnguard. The central plot focuses on the titular character that leads you, as the player, khổng lồ explore Solstheim, an isle situated in Morrowland. You’ll be confronted with a cult attempting to lớn bring the rồng Priest back into power.

Aside from the main quest, features include new weapons (including Nordic weapons), armor sets, và a full island lớn explore. There are 7 main quests and countless side-quests, alongside new NPCs, & the ability to ride dragons.

Why is Skyrim so fun?

It depends on your gaming preferences, but many find Skriym so fun for a variety of reasons–from the open-world exploration to lớn options for characters customization, khổng lồ side quests & a dynamic plotline. Even elements lượt thích weather và terrain make for a greater sense of immersion.

It’s also a game with an active modding community — a large part of why Skyrim remains popular in 2021. Some examples of the best Skyrim mods include hack managers, such as the Nexus hack Manager và newer Vortex; DLC-worthy gameplay địa chỉ ons like Falskaar & Forgotten City, and new character customization và weather effects.

What is better: Skyrim Special Edition or Legendary Edition?


If you’re convinced that Skyrim matches your gameplay style, you don’t need the newest console system or best gaming máy tính xách tay to enjoy. What you did need, however, is to lớn make a decision on which version khổng lồ purchase.

Both Skyrim Special Edition và Legendary Edition have their pros and cons. Here are the main differences you need khổng lồ consider between Skyrim Special Edition vs Skyrim Legendary Edition so you can get the most out of your gaming experience.

How much does Skyrim Special Edition vs Legendary Edition cost?

Skyrim isn’t a free-to-play game, like Fortnite, so you’ll need to pay for the base game– and any expansions. Unfortunately, despite being 10 years old this year, Skyrim isn’t cheaper than many games in its genre– but with its replay value & gameplay, it’s still worth your money.

Skyrim Special Edition

The special edition retails for $39.99 on Steam. There are also two additional bundle options. One includes the special edition, plus Fallout 4, for $79.98. There’s also a ‘summer bundle,’ which comes with the special edition và the two Elder Scrolls predecessors, Oblivion và Morrowind và retails for $67.47. If you haven’t tried the other Elder Scrolls trò chơi options, we would recommend the latter. 

Check out how Skyrim compares to Fallout.

Skyrim Legendary Edition

The legendary edition does not appear lớn be available on Steam & is notably more difficult to lớn find. Depending on your desired platform, you can find it through GameStop and Amazon. The PC edition retails for the same $39.99 on GameStop, but you can buy the XBox 360 version for a little over $26 on Amazon. There aren’t the same bundle options that you’d potentially get through Steam.

My Takeaway

The prices are fairly comparable, especially since there are a variety of ways to lớn buy, but Skyrim Special Edition is easier to find & provides additional bundle options.

What gaming platforms is Skyrim Special Edition vs Skyrim Legendary Edition available for?

Beyond the price và where lớn buy Skyrim Special Edition vs Legendary Edition, there are also a few differences when it comes lớn what gaming platforms you can play on.

Skyrim Special Edition


Skyrim Special Edition for Windows, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Since the new Playstation 5 is backward compatible, you can also play this version on a PS5.

Skyrim Legendary Edition

Skyrim Legendary Edition is also available for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, but a subsequent 2017 release added a Nintendo Switch game, as well as a stand-alone Playstation VR (virtual reality) version.

My Takeaway

If you play on Nintendo Switch or are into virtual reality gameplay, you’ll need khổng lồ go with Skyrim Legendary Edition. Otherwise, you’re good to lớn go with either version.

What gameplay does Skyrim Special Edition vs Skyrim Legendary Edition come with?

When considering the greater difficulty in finding the legendary edition, many questions arise as khổng lồ if Skyrim Legendary Edition is worth it. A large part of this decision comes down khổng lồ the DLC và features included.

Skyrim Special Edition

Skyrim Special Edition includes all three released DLC for Skyrim, but that’s not all. This edition is essentially a remaster of the original, bringing needed modern updates to keep this trò chơi feeling fresh & lively going into 2021.

The remastered version brings forth a sweeping graphics update for a more immersive world experience than the original game, but that’s not all. In fact, one of the most worthwhile upgrades from this edition are the enhanced modding capabilities.

Modding is now also allowed for console players, as well as the ability to create your own mods. With all three DLC, remastered graphics, và modding capabilities, playing this edition is a distinguishable experience from the original Skyrim release.

Skyrim Legendary Edition

Skyrim Legendary Edition also comes with all three DLC released for Skyrim, meaning you won’t have to buy a DLC pack just to witness to lớn official showroom ons Skyrim has on offer. In addition lớn DLC & modding capability for both the PC player & console player base, this remastered version allows old mod options and newer content to be used, meaning that if you come across a popular mod, you won’t have lớn question it’s compatibility. 

But what makes this edition stand out from the special edition is the enhancements to gameplay. New features include a combat camera, as well as the ability khổng lồ ride & attack at the same time. Not lớn mention the legendary difficulty. The Legendary difficulty setting offers a new màn chơi of challenge, geared toward hardcore players. So if you are a người chơi that found the original critically acclaimed trò chơi to easy, then this is perfect for you. 

My Takeaway

If you’re looking for a remastered version which offers graphical improvement, the special edition is a solid choice– but the legendary edition adds more challenge & dimension to lớn your Skyrim gameplay.

How Does This Affect PC Players?

While the differences between the two games basically boils down to lớn better graphics and some smaller changes, for PC gamers, this choice is a little more important. You see, the Legendary Edition is a 32-bit version of the game & this makes this title compatible with all mods that date back khổng lồ the original release. However, the Special Edition version, although boasting more crisp, enhanced graphics, will give modders a hard time.

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This is because the enhanced graphics và 64-bit version makes all mods make before the release of the Special Edition version incompatible. Rendering any old hack or existing mods that modders have potentially downloaded useless. So, in short, the Legendary Edition is hands down the best trò chơi to choose for PC users who don’t want khổng lồ rely on creation club content and the creation club mods which are controlled to lớn Bethesda.