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Another very deviant child was surly and extremely resistant as an accompaniment khổng lồ her fearful, shy behavior.
The behavioral descriptors included a child who was: cooperative sầu, a leader, shy, disruptive, & a fighter.
The primary health care philosophy and approach offer us such a framework, và we should not be shy about proclaiming its relevance.
Similarly, if unsure whether their agreements would be enforced, rights respected and wrongs redressed, they would shy away from engaging in many worthwhile activities.
For this reason, even in his most learned works, he fought shy of too many footnotes or citations that draw attention khổng lồ themselves.
For instance, a youth who is generally perceived as quiet và withdrawn may similarly think of himself as shy.
He appears at one point to lớn gesture towards the theoretical framework of structuralism, only to shy away from it.
The neonatologist must not shy away from the imponderable; instead the neonatologist must face each case, welcome its challenge, và face the uncertainty.
This interdisciplinary nature enriches the field, yet paradoxically educators as a result bởi vì not view themselves as expert và therefore shy away from pedagogical discussion.
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(of a business or other organization) to lớn pay for someone to vị something or for something to lớn happen

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