Resident Evil 2 Review

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By Ryan Dinsdale

Capcom has reversed its decision khổng lồ force upgrades of the PC versions of Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 3 Remake, and Resident Evil 7.

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The updated versions - that lined up with the PlayStation 5 và Xbox Series upgrades being released - added ray tracing and enhanced 3 chiều audio, but also raised the system requirements and caused performance issues for some users, causing many players khổng lồ call for a choice to return to the old versions.

Announced on each game's Steam page, the developer said it had made the older versions of the games available again "due to overwhelming community response".

There's a little bit of work to lớn vị before the older versions can be played again but Capcom gave step by step instructions on how khổng lồ revert the games baông xã (the instructions are the same for each game). Players will therefore be able to lớn choose which version of the game they want going forward.

The enhanced edition updates were announced in March alongside the next-gene versions of each game, which will soon be joined by Resident Evil 4 Remake when it arrives on PlayStation, Xbox, và PC next year. said Resident Evil 7 was good while Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes were both deemed lớn be amazing.

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Return to Raccoon City in this HD remake of the blockbuster second game of the survival horror franchise. The thành phố has somehow fallen victyên ổn lớn a zombie outbreak và it"s up khổng lồ you as either police officer Leon Kennedy, or Claire Redfield khổng lồ find out what"s going on.

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During's Summer of Gaming 2022, we were lucky enough lớn speak to lớn Bethesda trò chơi Studios' Todd Howard today &, in the process learned a lot more about Starfield - not to lớn mention heard a mention of Fallout's future. In conversation with Ryan McCaffrey, Howard followed up on a number of elements we learned about for first time during Starfield's gameplay reveal at the Xbox-Bethesda showcase last weekkết thúc.

Resident Evil 4 is finally being remade, và features PSVR2 content! Cheông xã out this reveal trailer! The Resident Evil 4 remake releases on March 24th, 2023.

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