Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

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The Bottom Line

Naruto lớn fans hoping for an involved story will be sorely disappointed by Revolution's simple scenarquả táo and lack of continuity. The excessive padding và repetitive sầu single-player mode detract from the improvements that Revolution brings to lớn the table.

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Fun brawling combat.Fluid, over-the-top animations.Fantastic visuals.New four-player battles are hectic & fun.

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I enjoy a good brawler, & the Narukhổng lồ games by developer CyberConnect2 have delivered plenty of anime-inspired action since the PlayStation 2 days. Unfortunately, Naruto lớn Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution ($49.99) is something of a filler game when compared to lớn the previous Naruto Shippuden title, Ultimate Nin-Ja Storm 3 (UNS3). The game makes improvements & refinements lớn its combat system, but there isn"t much meaningful content beyond the fighting, which makes for a repetitive sầu & overall bl& experience. I reviewed the Xbox 360( at Amazon UK)(Opens in a new window) version, but the game"s also available on PC & PlayStation 3( at Amazon UK)(Opens in a new window).

Crazy Ninja ActionThe single-player campaign in the previous title, Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, was very story-focused, going so far as to include quality trùm battles và monsters in its campaign. Rather than continuing UNS3"s storyline, however, Revolution throws Naruto"s ninjas onlớn a remote island lớn compete in the Nin-Ja World Tournament. There are high-quality anime-lượt thích scenes lớn accompany the story, but those sections contained too much exposition và not enough gameplay lớn keep me engaged.

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The Ninja World Tournament is the meat and potatoes of the single-player experience. The tournament introduces four-way battles alongside the standard one-on-one battles. The concept of four-way battles is not new, as Naruto: Clash Of Ninja 2 for the Gamecube had a similar mode. Still, it is interesting to lớn see CyberConnect2 reintroduce the option, và I suspect that they are testing the waters for a potential four-way battle system in future games.