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San Andreas is arguably the best Grvà Theft Aukhổng lồ game ever made.

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But with the game being so many years old, it’s only natural for players to lớn turn their attention to modding – especially with all the features that we got in GTA IV and GTA V.

So here I’ve listed out some of the best mods that you can install khổng lồ make GTA San Andreas feel lượt thích a completely different game.

Reinvigorate your SA experience – I’m sure you’ll love sầu the new gameplay for hours on end!

Also if this is the first time that you’re installing mods, let me remind you that it’s better lớn make a backup save of your game files first before installing anything.

Be sure to lớn make backup saves every time you install new mods as well, as some of them might not be entirely compatible with one another & it could corrupt your files.

And also you’ll need lớn install CLEO if you want most of the mods on this các mục khổng lồ work. I’ve put it at the number one spot on my danh sách so kiểm tra it out!

30. Tuning Mod


Cheông chồng Out This Mod

The Tuning Mod is a fantastic modification for all vehicle enthusiasts out there.

It allows you lớn tune your cars lượt thích no other gian lận in the community, rivaling and even surpassing the tuning system of GTA V.

Modify the way tuning works in the game và give yourself a new car once you’ve sầu installed this hack.

29. Skin Selector


Chechồng Out This Mod

I’m putting this mod here instead of any skin hack because you’ll need it khổng lồ change the way CJ looks.

It basically lets you open up a thực đơn that will allow you lớn browse through all of the skin mods that you’ve installed, so you can change the way CJ looks in-game.

28. HD Weapons


Cheông chồng Out This Mod

This amazing hack pack changes the way every single weapon in San Andreas looks.

It replaces all of the basic models that come with the vanilla game & turns them inlớn the same weapons, but with an HD look lớn them all.

The UZI model looks particularly good, although all additions lớn the game are very well made.

It does seem lượt thích making this hack took a lot of time, but the effort of the creator was worth it.

The results speak on their own, and I’m sure you’ll love sầu these new guns as much as I did. It makes everything feel new in an otherwise old game.

27. Teleport Mod


Check Out This Mod

I find it hilarious how this mod uses the Portal logo as its own, given that it literally works nothing lượt thích Portal.

It’s still a really useful mod, though, as it basically adds quichồng travelling khổng lồ the game.

mở cửa up your maps, place a marker, và once you unpause the game CJ will directly teleport lớn the spot that you marked.

CJ initially screams as if he was falling, but don’t worry – it’s just the maps loading. You won’t take any fall damage!

26. New Effects V1


Check Out This Mod

Are you tired of looking at the same và really old effects of San Andreas? I was too!

This hack changes the way water, light, fire, and interactions with other natural objects work in the game, khổng lồ make everything look better & modernize San Andreas a tad more.

You will notice how many of the mods on my list are related lớn the graphics of the game, & that’s to lớn be expected.

San Andreas is super old và many people don’t play it mainly because of its outdated graphics.

Some modders have come lớn create some fantastic graphical changes to the game, và I want to lớn nói qua them with you. I know you’ll love sầu them as much as I did.

25. Collection of Graphic Mods


Chechồng Out This Mod

As its name suggests, the Collection of Graphic mods makes enhancements to the way the game looks by changing up a bunch of textures, shadowing, and lighting khổng lồ make it look better và a bit more modern.

It’s a cool little overhaul that will improve sầu the way your San Andreas game looks without breaking the natural aesthetics that made it such a popular title back in the early 2000s.

24. Wheels Pack


Check Out This Mod

San Andreas is a pretty old game, so you probably already tried all of the wheels that the game has in the tuning stores for you.

I was tired of looking at the same tires too, so this thủ thuật came lớn be pretty handy for me.

It basically adds a bunch of additional tires that you can put in your cars once you visit any of the tuning shops across the dangerous city of SA.

23. Ghost Rider Mod


Chechồng Out This Mod

Are you tired of associating an amazing character like Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage?

Trust me, me too.

Something had khổng lồ be done about it, và this is the hack lớn completely wash your Caged Ghost Rider image by turning CJ inkhổng lồ the popular Marvel anti-nhân vật.

Ride the streets of San Andreas & wreak havoc ahy vọng them with the outfit và powers of the mighty Ghost Rider.

You will be able to lớn see the flames on the skull as well as in the tires of your mighty ride. It looks awesome apart from being a cool gameplay change, so give it a shot & prepare to enjoy some of the most hilarious cutscenes in GTA.

22. The Best Sound Pachồng for GTA San Andreas


Chechồng Out This Mod

This gian lận is a complete overhaul lớn the sounds of San Andreas.

It adds so many sounds that you won’t even believe that it’s the same game if you cover your eyes while playing it (no idea why would you bởi vì that, but hey, to lớn each their own).

This gian lận changes the sounds of explosions, cop cars, car breaks, opening doors, và much more.

If you’re tired of listening to lớn the same sounds for years, this mod will provide you with a fantastic relief that will guarantee you lớn stay hooked lớn San Andreas for a little bit more.

21. Holes from Bullets


Check Out This Mod

I have sầu always hated how bullets seem khổng lồ bounce off cars after damaging them in the old GTA games.

Yes, I even hated that baông xã in the days when this game was the hotkiểm tra title in the market – I don’t know why, but hey, there’s a reason why this seemingly pointless addition has made its way lớn a spot on my menu.

It simply adds bullet holes lớn your shots, so whenever you hit a car, for example, you’ll see the spot where the bullet landed. It’s pretty cool!

20. V Graphics


Check Out This Mod

V Graphics, as its name suggests, was made with the intention of giving you the graphical feel of GTA V in the world of San Andreas.

It’s a pretty complex graphical overhaul of the game, & you’ll need a decent computer khổng lồ run it, but it’s super worth it if you can bởi it.

Combine this baby with a texture mod & you won’t notice a difference in visuals between San Andreas và GTA V.

Maybe even tải về a gian lận lớn turn CJ into Franklin or Michael & change the way the San Andreas story unfolds by looking at it from a different perspective sầu.

19. GTA United


Cheông xã Out This Mod

GTA United replaces the entire thành phố of San Andreas with none other than Liberty City and Vice City, in a complete overhaul of the game maps.

It adds new side missions lớn the game as well as Easter Eggs that could be found in the two predecessors of the famous San Andreas game.

This isn’t a canon hack by any means, but it will help you reminisce with two of the most emblematic maps that have graced our old TV screens và computers.

As far as San Andreas bản đồ mods go this one takes the cake.

18. Gravity Gun


Cheông xã Out This Mod

Man, this is one of the most overpowered gun mods that I’ve seen made for the Grvà Theft Aukhổng lồ series in general.

You can use the gravity gun to lớn bring people towards you và throw them baông xã khổng lồ where you’re aiming at unfathomably rapid speed.

If you love sầu canon mods, then you’re going lớn despise this one. Looking for some fun, though?

Go through the story of San Andreas using this baby. You won’t regret it – trust me.

17. Insanity Vegetation


Cheông xã Out This Mod

This beautiful hack enhances every plant texture in the game to lớn make vegetation look as great as in some modern games.

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But I vì chưng warn you – be sure to tải về other graphical enhancement mods if you’re going to lớn install Insanity Vegetation.

If you don’t it’s just going to lớn look super weird watching a bunch of HD plants in an otherwise SD environment.

16. Weapon Menu Mod


Chechồng Out This Mod

The Weapon Menu Mod simply brings up a thực đơn where you can choose whichever weapon you want in the game and instantly spawn it for CJ.

It’s not cheating if you’re using a thủ thuật, am I right?

Regardless of how you want khổng lồ use this hack, it’s a very practical tool that will help you get your hands in the game’s finest as well as least desired guns. Use it wisely!

15. Ultimate Graphics Mod


Check Out This Mod

If your computer isn’t capable of handling high-chất lượng graphics, this is the best hack that you can download when tired of the traditional San Andreas look.

It enhances the way texture load in the game, và even though it does improve everything substantially, it’s still suited khổng lồ be used in low-kết thúc computers.

I believe sầu this is possible mainly because shadows tend khổng lồ be the one thing that computers struggle to handle (like Minecraft shaders, for example).

This gian lận adds a ton of graphical enhancements, but keeps shadows khổng lồ a very low màn chơi of quality. It makes everything look great, but it doesn’t compromise the memory usage of your PC. Just what I need.

14. Textures for GTA SA


Cheông chồng Out This Mod

This sweet hack enhances the way the graphics of roads và streets look in the game.

It basically adds new textures khổng lồ every single street in San Andreas to make the whole gaming look smoother, something that couldn’t be added bachồng in the days of the release of the game because computers & consoles couldn’t handle higher resolutions in the game files.

Times have changed, though. And this is just one of the many mods that completely enhances the game graphically.

Combine it with others to lớn make San Andreas some justice and modernize the way the game feels, at least in a visual sense!

13. Iron Man Mod


Cheông chồng Out This Mod

So, apparently, it wasn’t Tony Stark who created the Iron Man suit, and it somehow made its way to lớn the streets of San Andreas.

How dangerous could be a gangster dressed up in the most powerful body toàn thân armor ever created by mankind?

It’s up khổng lồ you khổng lồ write the fate of the people of San Andreas as well as the fate of your own foes, as you’ll be able to harness your favorite Iron Man powers & use them in San Andreas thanks to lớn this ridiculously well-made mod!

12. Dragon Ball Mod


Chechồng Out This Mod

Why play with CJ in a world where you can simply tải về this mod and become Goku, or even Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans?

Press a couple of buttons after installing this fantastic thủ thuật và use your favorite Dragon Ball characters lớn wreak havoc through in San Andreas & bring misfortune to the citizens of this seemingly-cursed thành phố.

Fly around, use ki blast khổng lồ attaông xã, và take advantage of the super-strength of these Dragon Ball characters lớn give your GTA San Andreas save sầu a twist like no other mod can give you (except maybe the Iron Man or Superman mods, but you get my point).

11. Skateboard Mod


Check Out This Mod

Oh man, this one is really well done.

The Skateboard hack will allow you to pick up a skateboard và roll around the streets of San Andreas lượt thích Tony Hawk would vì in an alternate reality where he’s actually a drug dealer.

You would think that making such a complex gian lận work well wouldn’t be too easy, but the movement of CJ with this hack is so smooth that it makes you think that it’s a vanilla feature.

10. Car Spawner


Cheông chồng Out This Mod

Ugh, don’t you guys hate it when you want lớn spawn a car but you need lớn input đầu vào some annoying code to activate it?

I hate it too, & that’s why this hack has come in as handy as they get.

It basically adds a whole new menu khổng lồ the game, which allows you to instantly select a oto and spawn it by just hitting one button. Pretty simple, right?

It’s great if you’re looking to spawn yourself some sweet rides and just enjoy the game for a bit!

9. Street Love


Check Out This Mod

Alright, let’s get this one out of the way, as it definitely needs lớn have sầu a spot on this các mục.

Let’s cut the explanation straight khổng lồ the point as well: Street Love sầu is a lovey-dovey making mod for GTA San Andreas.

Yes, you’ll be able lớn use CJ (or with your friendly neighbor Spiderman, if you have sầu the thủ thuật installed) & screw around with digital chicks.

8. Superman Mod


Cheông xã Out This Mod

CJ does know how khổng lồ take bullets like Superman in the original game, as he could’ve gotten shot 10 times và just barely flinch.

However the Superman gian lận allows you khổng lồ take things lớn the next màn chơi và actually become Superman in your game!

Fly around, use your super strength, & murder civilians as it would happen in a dark DC alternate universe.

7. Car Pachồng for San Andreas


Cheông xã Out This Mod

San Andreas has been around for far too long, & I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of seeing the same cars over & over again.

There are some car mods that you can tải về, which will install them directly inlớn the game. But you may also use this paông xã to get a bunch of them added instantly khổng lồ your San Andreas safe.

Gone are the days of seeing the same cars pass time và time again – it’s time lớn spice up your game with a plethora of new rides!

6. Parkour Mod


Cheông xã Out This Mod

The fantastic Parkour Mod allows CJ khổng lồ perkhung true acrobatic moves without getting interrupted in the air.

Combine the essence of Assassin’s Creed with San Andreas & experience being a true gangster while also knowing a thing or two about street athleticism like it wasn’t originally possible in the game.

It really does spice up the game, & it’s actually hilarious seeing CJ perkhung many of these unexpected moves!

5. Portal Gun for GTA San Andreas


Cheông xã Out This Mod

The Teleport thủ thuật that we mentioned above sầu is cool và all, but why not bring the essence of GLaDOS to GTA San Andreas if you have sầu the chance?

Sure, this hack will not take you from one corner of San Andreas khổng lồ the other, but it will enable you to create portals, much as you vày in the Portal games!

This gian lận is fantastic to be installed if you loved the famous puzzle-solvers, và it does enrich your San Andreas experience like no other mod on this menu.

4. Memory Update for San Andreas


Cheông xã Out This Mod

San Andreas was made to be run in old computers as well as the PS2 and the Xbox, which meant that the game was very limited in terms of how much memory it was allowed khổng lồ use.

This mod updates the core GTA San Andreas mechanics and makes the game work with all of the power that modern computer has. Which enables your game lớn load much more of the map, increasing your viewing distance by almost as much as GTA V allows you to have sầu.

Definitely worth trying in my opinion.

3. GTA V Hud for San Andreas


Cheông chồng Out This Mod

Weapon swapping in the early GTA games was a nightmare. There’s just no other way around it.

Gone are the days where you scroll past the weapon that you actually wanted to select, though!

This hack brings you the ultimate experience of the famous wheel weapon selector that was introduced in the PS3 and Xbox 360, và I’m therefore bringing it lớn you now.

2. San Andreas First Person Mod


Cheông chồng Out This Mod

Rockstar enabled first-person gameplay when GTA V got its current-ren console release, but San Andreas never really had it và people were still playing the game, which is not really fair khổng lồ them.

Some of these mods might even look better if you were khổng lồ play in first person, don’t you think?

I bởi too, and that’s why this gian lận takes such a high spot on my các mục.

It basically enables you to lớn play San Andreas like never before, so you can see how CJ truly feels across the story.

You’ll also be able khổng lồ play around as Iron Man or Spiderman in first person, were you lớn install the respective sầu mods that enable you to lớn vì so, but bear in mind that this gian lận was made lớn work with vanilla SA.

1. CLEO 4


Check Out This Mod

The CLEO 4 Mod takes the first spot on my danh sách because it basically enables most of the mods that I’ve mentioned before, all at once.

It unlocks many features that the game didn’t initially come with & allows modders khổng lồ alter certain features of the game that weren’t meant lớn be altered in the initial release.

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The original version of this gian lận allowed most modders lớn work with new tools, and completely overhaul San Andreas with new ideas of their own.

The revolutionary nature of this fantastic add-on rightfully earns it the first place on the danh mục. And you will probably need it if you want many of the others khổng lồ work so it’s almost lượt thích the framework of all San Andreas modding.