Gta Online"S Cayo Perico Heist Brought To Offline Single

GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist Brought To Offline Single-Player By Mod Players of Rockstar"s Gr& Theft Aulớn Online can now experience The Cayo Perico Heist in single-player offline mode thanks lớn a downloadable gian lận.

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El Rubio's Mansion GTA Online
Rockstar’s continually successful Grand Theft Auto lớn Online received The Cayo Perico Heist late last year, và now a hack has made this miễn phí DLC even easier khổng lồ access by adding offline play. GTA Online, now edging up on eight years since its release in October 2013, has been consistently popular due khổng lồ not just Rockstar’s regular content updates but also community roleplay groups and mods, and this is yet another example of fans delivering great GTAO and GTA 5 additions.

While single-player DLC was originally planned for Gr& Theft Auto lớn 5, the growing success of GTA Online caused Rockstar to shift the majority of their focus to lớn the multiplayer mode to accommodate the enormous influx of players. GTA 5"s multiplayer mode earned Rockstar over half a billion dollars in năm nhâm thìn via microtransactions alone, with last year"s GTA Online Cayo Periteo DLC becoming one of the highest-earning expansions for the game so far.

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For those tired of logging onlớn GTA Online only lớn get blasted inkhổng lồ non-existence by another player’s rocket launcher, The Cayo Periteo Heist DLC (released for free lớn players in December 2020) is now playable offline thanks lớn modder HKH191. As reported by Game Rant, the thủ thuật allows players lớn tackle the GTAO heist as GTA 5’s chiến dịch characters: Trevor, Franklin, or Michael. The heist itself remains the same, with players completing five sầu missions before being allowed lớn rob El Rubio in a gang with AI NPCs or by themselves.

GTA Online Cayo Perico
It should be noted this Gr& Theft Aulớn Online gian lận is only accessible for PC GTAO players. Those interested in exploring the private islvà of Cayo Perico by themselves will need lớn tải về HKH191’s gian lận, along with a couple others. Once installed, the heist can be started normally via the interior of the Kosatka submarine, which the player must first purchase from the Warstock Cabịt và Carry for $2.2 million in-game currency.

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This isn’t the first time players have sầu created mods improving aspects of the game that were highly-requested by the GTA community. Just recently, loading times for GTA Online were reduced by 70% by a fan-made fix after they decided they were tired of waiting for Rockstar’s intervention; the gian lận was later implemented by Rockstar officially. The popularity of the Cayo Periteo offline single-player hack & HKH191’s other single-player heist mod show there is definitely a demand for nội dung accessible offline, and that it is very achievable. However, considering the enormous revenue GTA Online continues lớn generate for Rockstar, it’s no surprise that single-player content may not be as high on their priority menu.