How Do You Play Versus Mode Offline?

In the game LEFT 4 DEAD? this is one of my favorite FPS games. Indeed this info is not new info. But sometimes there are still some who bởi not know. So, i love this info deh.

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LEFT 4 DEAD is a shoot-out trò chơi with the first person"s perspective on "resident evil" or zombie-shooting while trying khổng lồ save itself from one place lớn another.

this game is very cool played when played with teman2 in multiplayer. Well, to lớn play multiplayer without connecting with an online server, aka playing offline using a LAN network, this is his trick. Easy. Which you need only 2 or more computers connected khổng lồ a HUB / SWITCH to connect lớn one another. Game installer left 4 dead, and patch No steam.

HOW lớn PLAY THE LAN WITH FRIENDS IN THE LEFT 4 trò chơi DEAD:BEFORE STARTING GAME, PLEASE READ THE TRICKS và RULES OF THIS MULTIPLAYER!One of the players must be a "HOST or master room" meaning that started the game,and the other becomes "CLIENT"


Sometimes, if you follow the instructions below, but not work well, then there are other tricks. This is due to lớn setting IP address masing2 computer that is not always the same. Then hotline this if it still does not work; HOST must be first order computer, & CLIENT should be the next sequence of computer IP address!for example, the computer used is computer number 1-4, then the HOST must be on computer 1. Whenthe computer used is a computer 5-8, then the HOST must be on the computer 5. Otherwise in this waythen you can not play multiplayer.

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it"s easy, right? about the picture DEVELOPER CONSOLE tuh lượt thích this, let you more "mudeng"


okay, after HOST start the game, then HOST (player 1) then live another player who join in game room (map) it. How:


on CLIENT computer menu page will appear lượt thích this, just click HOST name. If this does not work, use this second way


if this second way will work. Eh, by the way, do you know how khổng lồ clay computer IP address?

DO NOT KNOW?? OUTSTANDING !!! hehehe ... Joking.

how: My Computer / My Network Places / View Network Connection / Local Area Connection (right click here & select properties) then you will see there is windows with title Local Area Connection Properties. Select internet Protocol (TCP / IP), then click Properties, then you will see new windows appear with your IP address address, if still empty, use Obtain IP address automatically provided all companies have connected via LAN cable using HUB / SWITCH.


if still not understand, invite your friends who lượt thích random computer tired aja explain it extra .. Hahaha.

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oiya, trò chơi left 4 dead this requirement is pretty,

Intel Dual core 2 GHz, onboard card đồ họa onboard ATI output đầu ra (HD 2200) can, INTEL đầu ra AT ALL GAK CAN !, 1GB RAM, HDD space 4 GB.

oh yes one more, IMPORTANT!

when you want to lớn play this game with low computer spek, (not quad core) do this in the initial settings in the game menu / đoạn phim settings / advance settings: