How To Play Hay Day On Pc Computer / Laptop


Give it five or ten minutes, and then press the DeskTop button on the right of the software’s window khổng lồ return to the KOPLAYER desktop. Now it should include a giỏi Day app icon. So click the giỏi Day icon to lớn launch the app. The game will open in the emulator as shown below, just as it would on a mobile device.

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You can also customize the controls with keyboard mapping to địa chỉ cửa hàng virtual hotkeys to tuyệt Day’s thực đơn buttons. Click the Keyboard settings button to xuất hiện control customization options again. Then click xuất xắc Day’s Settings button at the vị trí cao nhất left corner of window lớn confirm a virtual button position for it. A small circle should appear overlapping the Settings button as below. Press a keyboard key such as S to lớn assign to lớn that virtual button. Once you have everything phối up lớn your liking, press Save to lớn confirm the new settings. If you followed this example, the tốt Day settings will now open when you press S.


The quick way khổng lồ delete keyboard customization is lớn press the Clean button from the keyboard editing options. That will erase all the keyboard settings, restoring the default settings. Or you can right-click a virtual button there and select Cancel key.

Like most emulators, KOPLAYER has a full-screen mode. Press the FullScreen button at the bottom left of the software’s window lớn switch to that mode. Alternatively, you can switch khổng lồ full-screen mode & revert back lớn the original window at your leisure by pressing F11.


Click the Advance tab to xuất hiện further RAM options. Then you can customize the RAM và CPU bộ vi xử lý core settings. That tab also includes Compatible (OpenGL) & Speed (DirectX) rending options. The tab suggests users select Speed (DirectX) if a game phầm mềm isn’t opening. However, you’ll need to select Compatible (OpenGL) to record game videos with KOPLAYER. Press Save khổng lồ apply newly selected settings.

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KOPLAYER’s Additional Toolbar Options

The left toolbar includes a few handy options. For example, you can click the speaker buttons to lớn adjust the game audio. Those options adjust the emulator trò chơi volume settings only and not the overall audio configuration in Windows.

In addition, you can capture game screenshots without the Snipping Tool. Click the Screenshot scissor button on the left toolbar khổng lồ take a snapshot. The shots automatically save to lớn the Gallery. You can open the screenshots by clicking System Tool on the KOPLAYER desktop. Then select Gallery > Screenshots & click the saved snapshot to expand it. Press the left và right arrows to lớn flick through the images. If you press the Menu button on the left toolbar with a screenshot open, you can select lớn play a slideshow by clicking More > Slideshow.


KOPLAYER gives you 30 GB of storage for apps; much more generous than your standard smart phone. Khổng lồ delete games, left-click the apps & hold the mouse button. Then press Yes lớn confirm deletion. Or you can click System tool > Settings > Apps to open the page below. Select an tiện ích to delete there, and press its Uninstall button.

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So now you can have lots of fun with the KOPLAYER emulator và Hay Day. KOPLAYER runs all the apk games smoothly, & with it you can make the most of your desktop’s or laptop’s extra processing và superior graphic engines. Plus, the software also has an additional file manager, browser, music player, camera, & image gallery. Kiểm tra out this Tech Junkie guide for further android emulator details.