Made of durable reinforced #11 canvas, this medium weight set is suitable for intermediate and advanced practitioners.Made of selected 100% cottonPre-shrunk and pre-washedUwagi with tie stringsMade in JAPAN*The Obi (belt) is not included.CmInchSizeReference Height
2150 centimet ~ 160 cm4"9″ ~ 5"2″
3160 centimet ~ 170 cm5"2″ ~ 5"6″
4170 centimet ~ 175 cm5"6″ ~ 5"7″
5175 cm ~ 180 cm5"7″ ~ 5"9″

2 ( 150 centimet ~ 160 cm / 4"9″ ~ 5"2″) 3 ( 160 cm ~ 170 cm / 5"2″ ~ 5"6″) 4 ( 170 centimet ~ 175 centimet / 5"6″ ~ 5"7″) 5 ( 175 centimet ~ 180 cm / 5"7″ ~ 5"9″)
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