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15 Games To Play If You Enjoyed This War Of Mine This War Of Mine is an amazing survival game, but which games should you play if you"re fans of it? From Papers Please lớn Sheltered, here"s the best.

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Fans of This War Of Mine enjoy it for a variety of reasons. Some lượt thích the survival & resource gathering, others like the dreary tone, và some lượt thích that their actions have sầu more weight and impact on the in-game characters that seem incredibly real.

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Finding a game exactly like This War Of Mine is impossible as there are so many moving parts that make this dark & disturbing game a masterpiece. But if you are looking lớn fill the void through game mechanics, art style, or tone then there are some games that could fit the bill.

Updated May 18th, 2021 by Ben Baker: This War Of Mine proved that players wanted mature themes & hard choices in their games. The result of this has been a surge in titles that seek to replicate these mechanics và concepts in various ways. Darkness, depression, hopelessness, and fear are svào emotions that many games are starting lớn embrace. Here are some additional titles that tap into those raw experiences.

15 Displaced

Displaced Displaced’s premise has a lot in common with This War Of Mine. The player is tasked with keeping a group of survivors alive as they escape a country that’s been suffering through war. From the very beginning, players are saddled with tough choices as they can only choose five people lớn help escape the chaos.

From there on out, players must decide where to go, what to lớn hunt, and whether to engage or ignore various scenargame ios that play out. Will they choose lớn rescue an unconscious person in a house fire or loot the building & let them burn? There are many hard decisions lớn make khổng lồ ensure the team’s survival.

14 Fear Equation

Fear Equation Phantom Soldier Fear Equation is about an engineer trying lớn keep passengers on a special train alive sầu while their nightmares literally try to lớn kill everyone aboard. The player must understvà the passenger’s deepest fears, prepare defenses, và try to lớn fight the darkness.

To make things more complicated, the passengers will khung factions & find their own ways khổng lồ stay alive. Some are helpful, others are not. The result is a tricky strategy game as players fight nightmares, political power grabs, và dangerous beliefs.

13 State Of Decay

State Of Decay 2 Zombies Attacking Human State Of Decay 2 sees a bunch of people struggling khổng lồ survive sầu the zombie apocalypse. Building a base, gathering supplies, & taking out hordes of zombies is just the beginning. There are also other survivor groups that can help or hinder a player"s efforts lớn keep the colony alive.

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While the State of Decay games aren"t as narratively rich as This War Of Mine, the open sandbox can be a welcome change of pace. The player can also incorporate new survivors inkhổng lồ their group & slowly work towards taming the hostile undead world.

12 Rimworld

Rimworld Royalty Rimworld approaches dark themes with more humor than This War Of Mine, but it isn’t without its horrors và darkness. A group of colonists crashlvà on an alien planet & must find a way to survive sầu. The player is there to lớn guide them, but the colonists won"t always listen.

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The result is an interesting combination of simulation và story-telling. Players can watch as the colonists thrive under their guidance or fall apart and suffer. Aliens, pirates, deranged rabbits, và other threats lurk in the shadows; however, the colonists are just as susceptible lớn becoming monsters through slavery, cannibalism, and laziness.

11 Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is another zombie apocalypse title that can have sầu the player struggling alone or with friends. People must scavenge for supplies, build a shelter, & fight the undead hordes roaming the environment.

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A dark twist with this game is that death is inevitable. There is no cure, no help, no rescue of any kind. The player is doomed to struggle to survive sầu until starvation, an accident, or the ravenous undead finally bring them down.

10 Sheltered

In sheltered you are tasked with keeping a family of four alive during the post-apocalypse. To keep them alive sầu you must keep the shelter và its components working properly. To vì chưng this you must sover out members of the family khổng lồ obtain items, bring baông chồng food, or gather information khổng lồ help you survive.

Like This War Of Mine, Sheltered is a game of civilians doing what they can to lớn stay alive. To keep the shelter intact và everyone alive sầu the characters must venture out into lớn the dangerous world lớn bring back what they can, knowing each trip might be their last.

9 Papers Please

Making a bad Gọi could let a terrorist in which results in loss of lives và punishments for you, but it could also mean turning away an innocent person desperate khổng lồ reconnect with their family. Like This War Of Mine, Papers Please asks the player to lớn make tough calls that put them in an uncomfortable gray area of morality.

8 Dead In Bermuda

Dead In Bermuda is a survival game without as much grit or emotional baggage as This War Of Mine. Your goal is lớn keep a group of plane crash survivors alive sầu while exploring the mysteries behind this strange isl&.

Players enjoy the more challenging early game than the endgame, but the strange secrets và plot twists might be appealing to lớn some. It’s a short title that might be a nice break for someone who’s a bit drained from the doom và gloom that comes with darker games.

7 Zafehouse Diaries

Zafehouse Diaries is another survival simulator that pits you against zombies and your own small group of survivors. In addition khổng lồ fighting off the undead hordes và monitoring supplies, you must also maintain the relationships between yourself & the other five characters.

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It’s largely text-based, but it introduces a new dynamic where each action or interaction with other characters has an effect on the others. If you choose to put an infected player out of their misery their frikết thúc might turn against you, but if you refuse to lớn then the others in the group might turn on you & kill her anyway. It’s a hard game that asks extremely hard questions và makes you question your own morals and ethics when they’re stacked up against the survival of the group.

6 This Is The Police

As a soon to retire police chief your goal in This Is The Police is khổng lồ phối aside a nice retirement nest egg of $500 thous& while keeping the city và your police department intact. Criminal organizations are creeping inkhổng lồ everything & both the mayor’s office, your department, and you as the character are affected by this corruption.

It’s another ethical dilemma game as you must strike a balance between doing what’s right for everyone else and doing what’s right for yourself. That $500 thousand won’t come without some bribes, blackmail, & under-the-table đơn hàng, but making sure those around you và the đô thị you care about doesn’t get hurt requires sacrifices và sometimes shady tactics.

5 Rebuild 3: Gangs Of Deadsville

Rebuild 3: Gangs Of Deadsville is a di động game with a surprising amount of depth. Instead of a small group, you are tasked with keeping a thành phố of survivors intact during a zombie apocalypse. In addition lớn hordes of zombies, you must fight baông xã against hostile raiders, cults, và other horrors that threaten your community.

As a 4x game it’s a bit grander and more strategic than This War Of Mine, but the survival và dark tone are still there. It takes a strong leader lớn take bachồng the đô thị one blochồng at a time, but it’s the only way to lớn rebuild the world that was lost.

4 Distrust

Distrust tasks you with staying alive sầu in the hostile Arctic Research station. Heavily influenced by the movie The Thing, the station has been overrun by nightmarish creatures that grow stronger and more numerous whenever the player sleeps. But putting off sleep for too long makes you less able to lớn handle the horrors you encounter.

It’s a race against exhaustion as you scramble to lớn solve the mystery, gather resources, and stay alive sầu. It’s also a co-op game allowing you lớn play with a frikết thúc. This is perhaps the one game on the danh mục that makes falling asleep a frightening event.

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3 Orphan Age

Orphan Age is still in early access but the chạy thử is proving to lớn deliver an experience that is very appealing lớn fans of This War Of Mine. Similar lớn the events of the DLC The Little Ones, you are tasked with keeping a group of children alive, without any adults.

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These orphans are holed up in an orphanage in a cyberpunk world that’s at war. This game requires you to exp& the base, gather resources, explore the city for other orphans, and maintain some semblance of a childhood amidst the horrors of war.

2 Beholder

Beholder takes an entirely different stance & puts you in the shoes of the villain, for the most part. As the landlord of an apartment building, you are charged by the state to lớn spy on your tenants & report any illegal activity to lớn them.

1 Frostpunk

The last game you should strongly consider if you enjoyed This War Of Mine is Frostpunk, made by the same developers at 11-bit studtiện ích ios. Described as a society survival game you are tasked with keeping the last đô thị on earth alive sầu during a brutal ice age.

In addition khổng lồ managing resources and fighting off hostiles who want the heat produced by your city, you must make hard decisions to keep the city alive sầu. Should you rule with an iron fist and risk rebellion or give freedom khổng lồ your people and risk inefficiency which could cause the fire khổng lồ go out?