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Some people think that uncontrolled economic growth & environmental stability are mutually exclusive sầu.
A place that is exclusive provides goods và services for a limited number of people, esp. those who are wealthy:
an exclusive sầu agreement/contract/khuyến mãi The licence provides the company with an exclusive sầu 12-year agreement for gambling rights on the isl&.

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exclusive sầu rights/an exclusive licence to bởi sth They have sầu been given exclusive sầu rights lớn distribute replicas of the ring.
exclusive sầu lớn sb/sth She was approached by the kinh doanh director to create a line of shoes exclusive sầu to the stores.
expensive & of a high unique, & therefore only for people who are rich or of a high social class:
The estate agent described the houses as "an exclusive development of detached executive sầu homes with views of the river".

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an exclusive distributor/provider/supplier The agreement makes GE the exclusive sầu supplier on the new jet.
Late prehistoric ostentation, by contrast, was aimed at a larger audience và there is no sign of an exclusive elite culture.
Subsequently, all autosomes were re-analysed using models with exclusive paternal or maternal expression <4>.
In addition khổng lồ the non-exclusive relationships found, there was also the nature of the discriminating factors to lớn be taken into lớn consideration.
Women are expected to work as well as bear children và the two roles are not seen as mutually exclusive.
Based on our findings, perceptual similarity may qualify as a sort of conclusive evidence for two-year-olds that labels vị not denote mutually exclusive categories.
They often specifically targeted their disadvantaged beneficiaries in an open, unabashed way, và were often exclusive.
The problem with this finding is that none of the social, religious, & economic categories examined above sầu are exclusive of others.
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