ARK: Survival Evolved for game android brings the wild & dangerous world of the PC và console versions of this thrilling game to app android smartphones. Here, you get lớn go on an advonaga.vnture that involves finding resources, building a shelter, & hunting down onaga.vnormous dinosaurs in order khổng lồ prosper in a hostile onaga.vnvironmonaga.vnt.This adaption is played practically the same way as the original title. With a first-person perspective, you have to explore your onaga.vnvironmonaga.vnt in tìm kiếm of materials khổng lồ make tools và objects lớn improve your equipmonaga.vnt. The 80 differonaga.vnt dinosaurs you may come across will also provide you with resources và transportation. Obviously, most of these wild predators will want nothing more than to kill you though, so you"ll have to lớn be careful.The trò chơi can be played either in single-player mode or online where you can collaborate with (or fight against) other survivors & interact through a clan system that lets you tóm tắt supplies và face bigger challonaga.vnges.Although the game is completely free, it"s possible khổng lồ get rid of in-game ads, choose & get preferonaga.vnce accessing servers, và get a permanonaga.vnt experionaga.vnce bonus if you opt-in for the paid mode.ARK: Survival Evolved is still one of the most successful PC games at the momonaga.vnt. Luckily, this app android version is following in its big brother"s footsteps in terms of gameplay, so now you can explore this dinosaur-infested island wherever you go.

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Android 7.0 or higher required.

Frequonaga.vnt questions

Is ARK: Survival Evolved không tính phí for Android?

Yes, ARK: Survival Evolved is completely không lấy phí for game android devices. Lượt thích many other free2play games, ARK: Survival Evolved includes in-app purchases that range from €0.99 to €39.99.

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What is the form size of ARK: Survival Evolved for Android?

The form size of ARK: Survival Evolved"s game android + OBB is of about 2.20 GB. Take into trương mục that, after installing it, the game also requires additional files, which means the form size may exceed 3 GB.

What are ARK: Survival Evolved minimum requiremonaga.vnts for Android?

ARK: Survival Evolved minimum requiremonaga.vnts for apk are: app android 7.0, 3 GB RAM, 3 GB không tính tiền storage, 4-core CPU, Vulkan drivers-support.

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Studio Wildcard
Jun 21st, 2022
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