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Dynasty Warriors 3 is loosely based on the book Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The game was released in 2001 for the Playstation 2 console, with Japanese Clip game giant Koei aiming lớn build on the success of its predecessors.

The idea behind the game is simple. The forces of the three kingdoms of ancient Trung Quốc - Wei, Wu and Shu - are launching a series of invasions in the hopes of changing history. Playing as one of nine different historical characters, it’s our job to cut them down and determine how the story ends.


Dynasty Warriors 3 plays out lượt thích a hack-and-slash, but with some cool unique features. The ability lớn mount a horse in order lớn travel the battlefield quicker is an awesome addition, as well as the two new musou attacks and bộ combo chains that have sầu been introduced.


There’s also different game modes that you can play, which include Musou, Free, VS, and Challenge mode, which also include Endurance và Time Attack modes. Musou is the more prominent. It’s the equivalent to lớn the story mode on other games, và is what makes up the bulk of the game. Depending on the character you chose, you’ll be given a few different cutscenes depending on which Kingdom you choose to fight for.

You can select your weapon of choice before the game, however, more can be found throughout if you’re getting slightly bored of annihilating your enemies with a pole-axe.

As the fight goes on, announcements are made due to lớn the health và condition of your allies, and whether or not your general is in trouble. The mini-maps is also ikhuyến mãi for locating the allies that need your help the most. In order to win, you must successfully cut down the enemy"s general.

The lachồng of complex environments make way for a bigger scope in battles, meaning more soldiers can fit on screen, which is a sacrifice to lớn be made given the concept of the game.

In Comparison

Dynasty Warriors 3 is an improvement on Dynasty Warriors 2, probably being one of the best games in the Dynasty Warriors series.

The new game modes - especially co-op - were a great addition. The Musou story mode also brought a more dynamic approach to lớn how the game was played, giving players a slightly different experience with each faction. This added to lớn the games re-playability và prolonged the experience. Dynasty Warriors 3 wasn’t just a retelling of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it felt like players were individually contributing lớn the script.


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It was a lot more than an update on the second instalment, it was a great new game which defined the direction in which the series was heading.


Dynasty Warriors 3 is a great game if you feel like playing a retro war game. Overall the game gets a 7/10. A great experience, but does feel repetitive after a while. Well-deserving of a remaster.


Higher combos & new Musou attacksCool soundtrackFluid animations Weapons & Morale system


Repetitive gameplay Poor english voice acting
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Overall rating: 7