Định kiến tiếng anh là gì

(an) opinion or feeling for or especially against something, formed unfairly or unreasonably ie without proper knowledge

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Thus, partial tolerance becomes the perfect alibi for generalized prejudice against the regional varieties và praise of the standard.
It is logically possible that there be prejudice without the pattern or a pattern without the prejudice in a particular case.
These public opinion experiments offer a possible way to lớn disentangle the effect of prejudice from the effect of group competition and conflict on racial-political attitudes.
Bases of such changes include self-knowledge and self-critique of biases, stereotypes, & prejudices plus the virtues of openness & humility, as previously noted.
The target should not be employers but "those whose prejudices actually cause unfair employment practices," by which they meant unions.
Both parties bring with them preconceived notions & prejudices about medication that are prevalent in either their profession or in society at large.
A larger issue that cannot be addressed in this paper is the prejudice against matrilineal-matrilocal systems as creating "disincentives for long-term investment" by husbands (ibid.).
All stories are artificial constructions, he seeks khổng lồ remind us, & never convey the facts to the exception of presuppositions, prejudices và blindspots about ourselves.
There are simply too many constituencies, too many prejudices & too many conflicting instincts khổng lồ satisfy.
Relativism counsels tolerance, it is believed, whereas nonrelativism engenders accusations of irrationality or willful malice & a dogmatic attachment lớn one"s own cultural prejudices.
However, despite the personal prejudices of the "establishment", respect for the creative skill of an author might hold sway.

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Thus did red tape và prejudice prevent an important feature connected with the genuine character of spiritual agency from being put lớn the kiểm tra.
The tolerance and freedom from prejudice they vaunted pertained largely to religion, not nationality.
The reliability of records such as electoral registers can also be prejudiced by differential geographical mobility.
In fact, there are a good many reasons to lớn take the embittered reflections và prejudices of contemporaries seriously, và not to lớn brush them aside.
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