"compromise" translation into vietnamese

an agreement in an argument in which the people involved reduce their demands or change their opinion in order to lớn agree:
In a compromise between management và unions, a four percent raise was agreed in return for an increase in productivity.

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khổng lồ accept that you will reduce your demands or change your opinion in order lớn reach an agreement with someone:
an agreement between two sides who have sầu different opinions, in which each side gives up something it had wanted:
to lớn agree khổng lồ give up something you want if the other side, which has different opinions from yours, gives up something it wants:
a situation in which the people or groups involved in an argument reduce their demands in order khổng lồ reach an agreement:
arrive sầu at/come to/reach a compromise House và Senate staffers are working long hours khổng lồ try khổng lồ reach a compromise.

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acceptable/good/reasonable compromise A giảm giá khuyến mãi will stick only if the vast majority of bondholders accept it as a reasonable compromise.
a compromise deal/proposal/solution Both sides in the talks are willing khổng lồ seek a compromise solution.
a solution to lớn a problem that makes it possible for two or more opposite or different things to lớn exist together:
compromise between sth và sth This piece of equipment is the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá compromise between power and portability.

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compromise (with sb) on sth They compromised with the HR department on the details of the appraisal system.
His identity as a person, a man, a husb& và father, has been compromised by this injury, & that"s got to just get khổng lồ hlặng.
Don"t feel lượt thích you have sầu khổng lồ enjoy doing everything together or your life will become all compromise.
At this point you might be thinking that mounting face cameras on doctors who often see you naked or compromised is troubling.
Often, hàng hóa packaging gets damaged during shipping, leading supermarkets lớn toss products even though the food hasn"t been compromised.