Compensatory Là Gì

given or paid to someone in exchange for something that has been lost or damaged, or to pay for something that has been done:
The government did not put in place adequate compensatory measures to offset the negative impact of the new tax.

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When there is significant blood loss, compensatory responses occur that help to maintain the supply of oxygen to the tissues.

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Macroeconomic adjustments should stimulate sustainable developments rather than furthering unsustainability; where they do lead to environmental degradation, compensatory projects might provide a short-term retrofitting option.
Potentiating risk and compensatory protective factors also may be associated with characteristics of the exosystem.
The forms with lengthening marked by an aleph also provide evidence for the compensatory lengthening discussed in the following section.
The review argues for a compensatory processing conceptualization: one that recognizes that knowledge sources act in an interactive, synergistic fashion, not an additive one.
Therefore, it is possible that the impact of variance in coitus on overall fertility is being masked by compensatory movement in other unmeasured determinants.
Early signs may be subtle and elusive and the clinical picture may be masked by consciously or non-consciously applied compensatory strategies.
Moreover, countries at a disadvantage did not face the same open capital markets and trade opportunities to allow compensatory adjustment.
Of the 60 patients monitored, 50% experienced compensatory sweating on their back, stomach, and thighs.
There is no compensatory increase in blood volume and there is a gradual fall in plasma volume, due primarily to diuresis.
This dual market structure is not economically feasible since outputs are not differentiated to receive compensatory higher prices.
Malabsorption in certain regions and compensatory absorption in others may give the net appearance that absorption is totally unaffected.
With prolonged rotation the compensatory slow eye movements are interrupted by quick repositioning fast phases, or saccades in the opposite direction.
However, " inappropriate compensatory behaviour " was at a level almost as low as in the healthy control group.
This interactive and compensatory mechanism may account in part for variations in findings, depending on the age of the animal at the time of study.
In those cases where countries preferred to impose tariffs outside the agreed bands, compensatory taxes could be levied by countries operating within the tariff band.
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a shy person, especially a girl or woman, who is frightened to involve herself in social activities and does not attract much interest or attention

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