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Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom Cheats For PC

Cheat Codes While playing the game, press Ctrl+Alt+C khổng lồ bring up the cheat box & type in the codes exactly as they are here, including capitals:

Effect Effect Delian Treasury Shutime Bad Wallpaper IgnoreDesire Great Heat Shake Shake FunForElite WaresForElite CeramicsForElite HempForElite SilkForElite TeaForElite Glub Glub Gimme Goods Lizardman Kill Enemy Units Kill Loan Units Blachồng Death Shutime SpawnBandit Chinese Flu SpawnMugger Uncle Sam I win again
Add 5000 Delians
Adds 5000 coins to lớn treasury
All building in the đô thị become inauspicious (Feng Shui).

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Desirability values are ignored in housing evolution.
Elite house evolve without the required entertainment.
Every elite house in the đô thị receives 100 units of bronzeware/lacquerware.
Every elite house in the thành phố receives 100 units of ceramics.
Every elite house in the thành phố receives 100 units of hemp.
Every elite house in the city receives 100 units of silk.
Every elite house in the thành phố receives 100 units of tea.

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Get free goods
Hero"ll change into a giant lizard (hero must be present in your city).
Kill all enemy units.
Kill all loan units.
Kill all military units.
New cash code
One bandit is spawned in the thành phố.
One house becomes infected.
One mugger is spawned in the đô thị.
Tax collectors change into Uncle Sam.

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Win mission

Contributed by: miluthui, The Tiger Guard

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough by dreen 97K
Hero FAQ by kenjo63 16K

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
First Released Sep 9, 2002

Emperor is a fun & satisfying management game, but it is primarily the same fun & satisfying management game as those that have sầu preceded it.