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Download Minecraft 1.8.1 full version with working Xbox Live for Android, and meet xinh tươi creatures lượt thích pandas!

Minecraft 1.8.1 – What’s new?

This update is called the Holiday Update. Mojang has added pandas, cats, blocks, items, and even a crossbow. They did not forget about the corrections either.

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With Minecraft 1.8.1, 2 new mobs have appeared in the game: cats and pandas. Pandas have 7 types of appearance, depending on the peculiarities of their behavior:

WeakThey have 10 life units instead of 20. Also, their cubs often sneeze.
AggressiveThey attack the player if he hit the panda that is nearby. Have a sullen expression on the muzzle.
WorriedDon’t eat cake & bamboo. Have teary eyes. In the case of a thunderstorm in Minecraft 1.8.1, they cover their eyes with their paws và tremble with fear. Avoid many mobs và the player as well.
LazyThey lượt thích to lie on their backs và move their legs, và also have a smile on their face.
BrownThey vị not have any special unique character traits. However, they are brown và white instead of black & white.
PlayfulThey tumble over their heads & also like to stick out their tongue.

Baby pandas can scare their parents with a sneeze.


Blocks that greatly facilitate the implementation of various buildings in the survival mode in Minecraft 1.8.1. Scaffolding allows you lớn climb high & descend safely. You can also build in a horizontal direction in 4-6 blocks.


Powerful ranged weapon in Minecraft 1.8.1. It takes longer lớn draw than a bow but does more damage. Also, the crossbow is capable of shooting fireworks. To vì this, you need khổng lồ hold them in your other hand.

This weapon is currently only available in the experimental game mode. The crossbow has 3 quality enchantments, among which there is a triple shot. It allows you to lớn shoot three arrows at once, using one.


A plant found in the jungle. Used khổng lồ create scaffolding và breeding pandas. Also, bamboo can be used as stove fuel.

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How to lớn craft scaffolding?
This requires six bamboos & one thread.
How can you tame cats?
With raw cod.
How khổng lồ shoot fireworks from a crossbow?
To vì chưng this, you need khổng lồ put fireworks in your other hand.

Minecraft 1.8.1 Download

Download.apk (84.60 Mb)minecraft-pe1-8-1Download





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